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Looking through Wikipedia I found it strange that there is no listing for the Log Cabin Boys. Instead I found a listing on the German Wikipedia site. Go figure. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the Google "translation" of the German site.
The Log Cabin Boys were an American old-time duo and later String Band . Later, she also appeared as a Log Cabin Log Cabin passage or girls.

More Frankie was born on 22 June 1906 on the Uncle Sam Plantation in Louisiana born. Of a field worker, he learned guitar and banjo playing and later sang in the church choir. With various shows, he traveled through the United States and thus began his career as a musician. In 1924 he joined WLS in Chicago , and entered the 1920s with singer and musician Freddie Owen as a Log Cabin Boys National Barn Dance on WLS on. Their repertoire consisted mainly of traditional ballads and songs such as Big Rock Candy Mountain.

On 13 More and Owen held in October 1933 in Chicago for the American Record Corporation its first session, the pieces were rehearsed on a variety of labels such as banner Records , Conqueror Records or Oriole Records published. From September 1934, the Log Cabin Boys took to the newly founded record label Decca Records , whereby images such as New Crawdad Song, Answer to Twenty-One Years or a cover of That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine (originally by Gene Autry and Jimmie Long) emerged. Your last recording session was held on 7 Held in May 1935.

More and Owen came after some time continue to (among other things on WHAS), but broke up after that. More came in 1936 Wheeling , West Virginia , where he uses the name of the duo for his own bands. Saturday evening he appeared regularly in the WWVA Jamboree on the Log Cabin passage, the Log Cabin Boys or Girls with the Log Cabin. The latter consisted among other things of Little Shoe and Cousin Emmy and sang songs like Do not Forget Me Little Darlin 'or their version of Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley. Even Pee Wee King , Dale Cole and Dolph Hewitt was a long time member of the Log Cabin Boys. The band's popularity helped More to engagements throughout Kentucky and Indiana to get. In addition, they were given a place in the Crazy Water Barn Dance on WHAS.

However, Frankie More's band broke up later. Cousin Emmy went to Atlanta , Little Shoe traveled around and settled in 1946 in Little Rock , Arkansas , down un Pee Wee King was a successful western swing musicians of the 1940s and 1950s (Tennessee Waltz). More 1941 moved to Nashville , where he worked as a manager until his death. For a short time he returned in 1948 to WWVA back.


  1. Anonymous11/30/2013

    I don't know the history of it, or why it's so prevalent, but there is a great deal of interest in the Wild West, Cowboys and Indians, and the related culture in Germany. This may explain the article's existence on German Wikipedia

    1. You're right, and I'd forgotten about that. I do recall seeing a tv show that dealt with this. They have old west towns built that people visit.