On FARNUM STREET in Omaha, Nebraska in 1908

This was going to be a quickie post; come in, drop the images, then leave. But if anyone knows me after following this site you'll know that an old piece of paper can lead me to a place I hadn't planned on.

Today I give you two businesses that existed across the street from each other in 1908 Omaha, Nebraska. I'll let the images I found in old newspapers at the Library of Congress tell the little stories.

Click on images to see them larger.

On the left side of the street you'll see Dresher Tailors.

April 20,1902, Omaha Bee

June 2, 1905, Omaha Bee

November 12,1905, Omaha Bee

April 8,1906, Omaha Bee

May 26,1907, Omaha Bee

October 13,1907, Omaha Bee

September 4,1910, Omaha Bee

October 2,1910, Omaha Bee

November 24, 1910, Omaha Bee

On the right side of the street you'll see Balduff's Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant.

November 20,1897, The Courier

November 24,1898, Omaha Bee

April 20,1902, Omaha Bee

November 5,1905, Omaha Bee

July 26,1906, Omaha Bee

June 26,1907, Omaha Bee

Want ad from The Ice Cream Trade Journal in 1908

November 14,1908, Omaha Bee

February 2,1909, Omaha Bee

March 20,1909, Omaha Bee

March 24,1909, Omaha Bee

April 10,1909, Omaha Bee

August 4,1909, Omaha Bee

August 3,1909, Omaha Bee

So the ice cream parlor did not survive and was running an ad the day after the takeover of their premises. I don't know what became of the tailor.


  1. On a hot day, take a barrel home in your pocket. Love it.

  2. I always enjoy the old ad copy in magazines. So optimistic, and full of innocent hustle. If there is such a thing.