A complete surprise to me. I didn't see one ham while I lived in Hollywood. Not one! I saw thousands!

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(SOURCE: Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus Magazine and Daily Review, 1940)

"Hello, I'd like to order a ham for my party. 
Are any of the Barrymore's available?"

Ham on the red carpet.

Hams eating ham?

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  1. Felix0912/05/2012

    Hams are everywhere, especially in local politics. Regardless, I prefer Hormel's SPAM. I love it, always have and cannot get enough of it! I use it a lot in hotdishes and macaroni and cheese but mostly I fry it and put it between two slices of toast -- to accompany a big mug of homemade tomato soup or a cream of something soup. Comfort food is king!