LET'S GO FIRST CLASS across America: Part 7

I think it's pretty obvious we've now moved away from first class travel. This is not The Broadmoor.

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Welcome to the Town House Motor Lodge, circa late 1950s. This is a place I stayed as a child. I don't know which year, but this is the very first post card I ever saved. Strangely, of all the times I took post cards from motel desks I actually now have very few. I don't know what happened to them. It's possible that anything from the 1950s got thrown away when my family moved to Hawaii or simply, along with a lot of other stuff, never came out of storage.

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Doing a quick search of the Town House Motor Lodge, I find that it still exists at the same address. Alas, it no longer has the charm it once had. It is drab looking with a hideous sign. The old sign was wonderful with the flashing arrow pointing to what awaited you. Times have been hard for the Town House.

You can see from the post card that at the time a selling point was a telephone and tv in every room. That was a big selling point back then because you still ran into a lot of places without tv. Telephones were getting pretty common. Nice old black heavy dial phones with a rumpled yellow pages on a shelf or in a drawer.

These days, according to the online Yellow Pages, the Town House offers:
Free Internet
Cable Television
Weekly Rates
Aging takes a toll on all of us and if you don't change you don't survive.

Tomorrow: another oldie


  1. Why do I have a sense of nostalgia for places like this? Is it just because 50s (mid-century modern!) design is becoming popular?

  2. I know for me it's just purely memories of my childhood and all the traveling my family did. Plus it's seeing how much things have changed since then. Harder to find mom and pop places in our over consumer oriented world. Sitting at a luncheon yesterday I had to stay mum as people argued over which was better, Red Lobster or the Olive Garden. I imagine the look on my face showed what I thought.

  3. I'd love to have that blue chair!

  4. pity they did not keep up the charm of the original !!!