I've never figured it out, but one of the more "popular" posts I've done that gets brought up on searches is about Spin and Marty. I even took it down for awhile because it was starting to get a little weird. It's up again, for now.

So this is a test, this is only a test. This is to see how tolerant the net really is of Spin and Marty. It is possible this song, like a dog whistle, will have people running for cover.

I did not have this record as a kid. This is one I bought at an antique store a long time ago. My copy is near mint for sound unlike this one on youtube which jumps and spits, but I'm not willing to take the time to copy it. I just "found" this today while looking through my record collection in search of an album I wanted to listen to and you are the beneficiary of said search.

Lucky you!

Spin and Marty_Triple %22R%22_1_tatteredandlost

Spin and Marty_Triple %22R%22_2_tatteredandlost

Spin and Marty_Triple %22R%22_3_tatteredandlost.jpg

Dig the metal thingie in the middle of the 45. Not a plastic one mind you. Metal. Hardcore.

And if you can listen to this and not turn a little maniacal before it's over, not twitch even a little bit, then you're a better man than me Gunga Din. And do try to listen to it with the 1950s in mind when things were a bit more innocent because otherwise this one is an eyeopener around minute 3:28.


  1. My dad had a few of these - metal thingies. He had an early console that played 78's, and it was equipped with a microphone so you could actually RECORD on the thing. I think I have a photo of my sister and I in front of it - somewhere. The point is, he played the piano by ear, had a Trio that played nightclubs on the weekend (and proms, weddings, etc.) and he'd bring home 45's of tunes he wanted to learn (Les Paul & Mary Ford come to mind) and play them so many times my mother'd complain. By the time he started bringing 45's home, he had graduated to a turntable that played all three speeds, but I only ever some him play 45's and 33 1/3's and the 78's got relegated to the old console.

  2. Do you have any recordings that he made? That would be pretty cool.

    I have a stack of 45s and 33s that my turntable will play, but alas all my mother's old 78s can't be played. Drives me nuts. When I bought my turntable, around 8 years ago, they weren't offering ones with the 3 speeds. I think now you can get them. I'd love to hear my mother's old 78s.

  3. My turntable doesn't play 78s either- I use a software called Audacity to convert the old 78's to a listenable format. Google it. It's free to download the basic version (which is all you need.) It is a little tricky to figure out how to do, but i'd be happy to guide you through it....

  4. I had such a crush on Tim Considine, and I only saw him in reruns.

  5. Spin and Marty.....oh wow! I'm sure I had this 45...I loved them! The sad thing is...I don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I remembered most of the words to that song. Thanks for the memory today

  6. Rockin' Jeff, thanks for the info about the software. I'll look into it. I was just looking at some 78s I'd bought at an estate sale purely for the cover and wishing I could play them.

    Barbara, I had a crush on Tim too. Fortunately he went on to My Three Sons which gave me more than just Spin and Marty.

    Joyce, don't feel alone. My brain is full of useless information Some days I can only remember what day it is by remembering what I watched the previous night on television. Of course, with a DVR and the ability to juggle shows I'm finding this method not as helpful.