Mother's Day BARKER CARD

For anyone who has been with this blog for at least a year you might remember me discussing the scrapbooks of a man named Ted Kramer. I bought two books at a flea market that were being sold by one of his daughters. Full of his memories from college, courting his wife, birth of his daughters, and holidays. Here is one from the early 50s from Ted to his wife, Pearl.

To Ted and Pearl and the lives they led. Why their memories so carefully saved by Ted ended up at a flea market on a foggy cold day I'll never fully understand.

Mothers Day_Barker Card_ft_tatteredandlost

Mothers Day_Barkers Card_tatteredandlost
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  1. Ted was a very smart man who knew the person who really runs the show! Do you suppose they never had children and there was nobody who wanted the scrapbooks? Kinda sad.

    I notice he didn't sign with "love". Maybe that drawing was as demonstrative as Ted ever got.

  2. Actually, he seems to have been very affectionate. Many times he does sign "love" and there are many letters to her telling her how much he loves her.

    They had at least two daughters and he included snips of their baby hair in the one album. It was one of these daughters that was selling the albums. She'd found them in a shed and they're falling apart. She simply didn't want them and was pleased to find someone who was excited about them.

  3. What a great card! At least those albums are now appreciated and weren't just thrown on the trash. Mind you, we have so much 'ephemera' that sometimes I'm tempted!

  4. I often say the only way I can clean my place is with a blow torch. Paper paper everywhere. Just torch it, sweep, and dump. The easiest way to clean the home of an ephemera collector.

  5. I never know whether to throw away my stuff and live a simple life...but I can't.

  6. The big problem is I keep adding OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF to my stuff. I have at least gradually become selective. Of course there is the problem I have with looking down at the ground and seeing rocks I like, but that should be a whole other blog.