Paint by numbers SWINGIN' TEENS

How groovy is this? Paint by numbers hip swingin' 60s teens? And look at the price! $1.70 a set! Real oil paintings hanging on your wall for a buck seventy. So who was the original artist that created these and broke them down into the number system?

Click on image to see it larger. (SOURCE: Teen, February 1967)

Created by The Art Award Company of North Bergen, New Jersey. Take a look here to see some of their other products. Don't be frightened when you are faced with a bunch of Keane knockoffs. Keane paintings were probably some of the worst popular art to come along in the early 60s. Now, I know there are people who love them, but...well I won't say anything else because then I might say something about Kincade and...then I start thinking about velvet Elvis.


  1. LOL. At least you stayed within the lines!

  2. Boy, I remember those paint-by-number things! They were fun for those of us who couldn't draw a stickman without assistance, but the subjects were always sooooo awful!