CATCHING A RIDE around town in Chicago...again

Other than this being a sort of odd looking building, what I really noticed was how small the sidewalk was going by the front door. Now, this was a building used for things like national political conventions. It held 13,000 people. I think it's pretty obvious that the planner screwed up a bit. How many people stepped out the door and got hit by a car, trolley, or horse? Where are the statistics?

To read the history of this building, the Coliseum, and those that came before, click here. Jimi Hendrix and The Doors both played here. I'm guessing not when this shot was taken.

Click on image to see it larger.

And we're in luck. There is a typo on the back.

There's also some in-house handiwork on display. Dig the painted on flags! They look so natural! After all, it is the windy city.


  1. very cool. I know that area. It sure doesnt look like that these days...

    1. I'm hoping it is still nice though changed. I can hope. I know the reality is probably a lot less interesting.