1960 Boy Scout Handbook ADVERTISEMENTS: Part 5

Use a Kodak, earn a badge. I'd have enjoyed getting that badge.

Click on image to see it larger.

This is another ad from the 1960 Boy Scout Handbook.

The camera below belonged to my grandmother.

To see more vintage Kodak ads visit Tattered and Lost Vernacular Photography and click on one of the following labels: Kodak advertisement, Kodak.


  1. Love this. We have my grandmother's Kodak camera from the 1920s, with it's own pull out bellows! I also have my Girl Guide (like Girl Scouts) handbook from the late 60s early 70s. It has illustrations of how to cook in a haybox!

  2. I've got one of those cameras too! I love it. Wish I had film for it. Just looking through my Brownie cameras yesterday had me longing for film.

    And do tell...how do you cook in a haybox???

  3. It's a bit like a slow cooker. You heat start the cooking of the meal in a large pot over your campfire, then once it is boiling you put the pot into a box lined with newspapers and then stuff hay around and on top of the box, put a lid on and leave it to cook in it's own heat.

    I've just noticed there is a recipe for muesli in the puddings setion! Published 1968 price seven shillings and sixpence. Must share more of this on my blog.

  4. Well that almost sounds like how a lot of Native American's cooked, including Hawaiians. Then there's always cook the meal on the car engine which fortunately never really caught on.