"You can thank POPSICLE for saving the day!

It's 1951 and the Commies are everywhere. EVERYWHERE I TELL YOU! So what are you to do? You're just a kid with a love of Popsicles. How can you possibly help save mom, apple pie, and Los Alamos? With your Popsicle flashlight of course!

I think these Popsicle premiums need to be reissued. Catch spies, catch terrorists, or just catch your neighbor stealing your lawn flamingo with a Roy Rogers flashlight, a bike horn, and a water pistol.

Scoff if you must, but thanks to Los Alamos many of us spent far too much time under our desks in school waiting to be annihilated.

Just another item from the July-August 1951 Archie comic book.

Popsicle kids at los alamos_tatteredandlost
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  1. LOL. Yes indeed, although I wasn't in school yet in 1951. I do remember the disaster drills with the under-the-desk maneuver, and the fact that the basement was also a lunch room/auditorium/fallout shelter, complete with biscuits in barrels and H2O...

  2. Wow, biscuits in a barrel. You guy were seriously ready!

    I do remember one school having heavy almost rubberized drapes that went floor to ceiling which were to be closed in case of nuclear attic. Somehow those curtains and the kindling we were sitting under were going to save us. Sometimes you just have to think "How stupid do they think we are?"

  3. Oh my goodness, those kids would be dangerous if their brains weren't made of popsicles!