JOAN CRAWFORD and faux pearls

I haven't made up my mind if I believe Joan Crawford would choose to wear faux pearls. Oh sure, in a movie I can imagine it, but on her own? I imagine her being a bit of a diva and turning a cold shoulder to anyone who offered her fakes. I'm trying to envision the "authentically designed Chinese-type, rose-quartz plastic case" sitting on her dresser. I mean, come on...she wouldn't use wire hangers!

Here's Joan in an ad for Deltha Simulated Pearls in the April 1949 Photoplay. Of course, what's she's really doing in the ad is hawking her latest movie, Flamingo Road.

Joan Crawford_Deltah_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger. (SOURCE: April 1949 Photoplay)

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As to Flamingo Road:
Flamingo Road (1949) More at IMDb

Carnival dancer Lane Bellamy finds herself stranded in a southern town ruled by corrupt political boss Titus Semple. Lane becomes romantically involved with sheriff Fielding Carlisle, a weakling whose career is being driven by Titus. Seeing Lane as a liability to his own political ambitions, Titus mounts a campaign to get her driven out of town. She finds she can't get a job and even gets arrested on a trumped-up morals charge. Released from jail, Lane finds work as a "hostess" at Lutie-Mae's road house, where she meets Dan Reynolds, another member of the town's political machine. They marry and move to a home on Flamingo Road, the town's social pinnacle. Their marriage is soon marked by scandal when a drunken Carlisle visits Lane at home one evening and shoots himself. (Written by Daniel Bubbeo dbubbeo@cmp.com)
Now carnival dancer Lane Bellamy, I can imagine her wearing simulated pearls and being thrilled. Lovingly looking at them, holding them up to the light to see their faux luster. Joan? "Get these damn things off of me!"

To see the trailer for the movie click here, or just enjoy a little bit of Joan's sultry singing below.

Click here to read a post I did last year featuring a photo of Joan. Okay, so really it's about Hymie Fink, but I think Hymie should be mentioned at least once a year, Joan or no Joan.


  1. First line: Simiulated should be Simulated. You can delete this message - I'm a member of the Spelling (Faux) Police. ;o)

  2. Would you believe I'd meant to write Simian pearls? You know, those famous monkey pearls once all the rage? No? You sure? Okay...got me. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. This is one of those people I don't see why people thought she was attractive. This was even BEFORE "Mommy Dearest".

    I do wish I had kept track of all those Mikato? pearls from the 60's dime store.

  4. Eloh, I think she's sort of like Betty Davis. She wasn't softly beautiful. Everything was sort of built out of steel. I think it was her acting that drew people in. That or the over-the-top eyebrows.

  5. First line should be stimulated pearls. Now it's all starting to make sense.

  6. Well that ads a whole different aspect to faux pearls, doesn't it? No wonder they were popular in Hollywood.