THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT are just the construction crew

If you don't live in Northern California or have never visited here then there's a good possibility you've never heard of the Winchester Mystery House. If you're ever passing through San Jose make a point of stopping. You won't be disappointed if you like odd places or Victorian architecture run amok.

I'll let Wikipedia give you a brief biography:
The Winchester Mystery House is a well-known California mansion that was under construction continuously for 38 years, and is reported to be haunted. It once was the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, but is now a tourist attraction. Under Winchester's day-to-day guidance, its "from-the-ground-up" construction proceeded around-the-clock, without interruption, from 1884 until her death on September 5, 1922, at which time work immediately ceased. The cost for such constant building has been estimated at about US $5.5 million (if paid in 1922, this would be equivalent to almost $70 million in 2008 dollars). (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
The story long told is that following the death of her husband and daughter the distraught Sarah Winchester was told by a medium that there was a curse on the Winchester family because of all the people who had been killed by the guns made by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company (maker of the famous Winchester rifle).
Although this is disputed, popular belief holds that the Boston Medium told Winchester that she had to leave her home in New Haven and travel West, where she must "build a home for yourself and for the spirits who have fallen from this terrible weapon, too. You must never stop building the house. If you continue building, you will live forever. But if you stop, then you will die too." (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
This is the oddest house I've ever been in. Okay, "odd" really doesn't cover it. Staircases to nowhere. Doors that open onto solid walls. And a bathroom door for the servants that was glass because she didn't trust them. That has always stuck in my mind from the tour oh so long ago. She must have been a real delight to work for.

This little packet of photos dates back to the 1940s. The photos measure 3" x 2". I bought a similar pack in the 1960s.

Winchester Mystery House envelope_1940s_tatteredandlost

Winchester Mystery House 7_tatteredandlost

Winchester Mystery House 6_tatteredandlost

Winchester Mystery House 5_tatteredandlost

Winchester Mystery House 4_tatteredandlost

Winchester Mystery House 3_tatteredandlost

Winchester Mystery House 2_tatteredandlost..jpg

Winchester Mystery House 1_tatteredandlost
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  1. Can't you just imagine the conversation among the construction workers? LMAO!!! "Hey, Mac! Guess what the old bat wants us to build now?" LOL

    And the servants? How did she ever keep anyone? That glass bathroom door....now that's, um, eccentric!

    If I ever make it to northern CA, I am for sure putting this on my list of places to visit! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. And she was a tiny woman. Got stuck in her bedroom during the '06 earthquake. I can't remember the story but it had to do with the door shifting and it couldn't be open. She panicked. There are several staircases that are beyond logic. One goes up and then back down for no reason at all.

    Yeah, just imagine working for her. She probably heard them whispering and thought it was the dead souls talking about her. It is a magnificent house.

  3. It would be a fantastic and wierd house without all the crazy doors and staircases. I think that mix of crazy will keep this house on the map forever.

  4. It really is very very cool. It's too bad it doesn't have the acreage around it anymore. It's right next to the freeway. I can imagine getting lost in it and opening a door or go up steps only to find "Nope, no exit here." And the woodwork is beautiful. I saw that now they have furnishings. When I was in it in the 60s it was empty except for some Tiffany lamps.