IMPLEMENT of torture

All I can think of when I see this implement of torture is "OUCHHHHHH!" because this was how my mother cut my hair when I was a child. I was surprised to find this thing in a drawer. I'd have thought long ago the Justice Department would have confiscated it.

richard hudnut taperette_ft_tatteredandlost
richard hudnut taperette_bk_tatteredandlost
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The manufacturer was a company called Richard Hudnut. If you want to know anything about the founder of this company, who managed to die before this implement was marketed, you can click here. Apparently the Hudnut company (can't even say that with a straight face) was known for very high end products and Richard's step-daughter was once married to Rudolph Valentino, who apparently was still married to a previous wife. How the Hudnuts got into the business of marketing straight razors to cut hair, well, maybe it's better we never know, but I imagine Rudolph joining the family might have gotten the ball rolling.

Knowing what it's like to have this razor used on your hair I can understand why there aren't any grand old tv commercials extolling it. A person trying to smile through the tears and screams would have been a problem for any ad agency. Better to stick with the shampoo.


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