Was it with the Brownie Troop? Is that how we went to the Dole plant? Or did I go with my parents? I'm betting it was with the Brownie Troop. What I do remember were women in hair nets busily moving those pineapples along the assembly line. But what they put in the can could never compare with what we bought out of the field on one of those trips around the island in the '56 Chevy BelAir convertible. But then either way pineapple was not your friend. But ohhhhh when the juice ran down your arm and you were left all sticky for hours. Good times. Good times.

Alas the tower is gone. Read here to find out about it. Really is a shame.


  1. Anonymous1/20/2009

    We went to the Pineapple factory many times. Yes we did go with the Brownie troop. also with our parents. more than once.
    I remember the hair nets.. but more impressive was the 'water' fountain that had pineapple juice.
    Is the Pineapple factory where we also got samples of Brownie Perfume?

  2. I forgot about the fountain. Completely forgot about that. Now as to that Brownie Perfume...is that the little glass tubes in the yellow cardboard tube? If not I'm completely lost. I do have that little yellow tube around here somewhere.