The county fair starts next week. I drove by the fairgrounds this morning and saw the carney folks setting up the rides. I don't go on the rides. I basically ignore that part of the fair. Maybe it's because I'm old, but it somehow doesn't look as enticing as it once did. Everything seems sort of plastic. I don't remember the day-glo colors being around when I was a child. There were bright colors, but there was a richness to them you don't see now. Plus there were more tents. Now they haul their game booths around behind their trucks or Winnebagos. It's lost its charm...or like I said, I'm just old.

Scholastic_Al Wenzel_August 8, 1963_tatteredandlost
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This is another cover done by Al Wenzel for Scholastic Magazine's SummerTime, August 8, 1963. I posted another one on July 17. The only other information I find online about Mr. Wenzel is:
Albert Borth Wenzel was educated at the Grand Central School of Art. He began his career in comics in the late 1940s by contributing to comic books by D.S. Publishing and Lev Gleason (a.o. Crime Does Not Pay, Little Wise Guys). He did romance stories for Marvel, fillers for DC and some horror work for ACG in the 1950s. He was an assistant on the syndicated 'The Spirit' (1951-52) and 'Steve Roper' (1957-59) strips.

He became Roy Crane's assistant on the 'Buz Sawyer' Sunday in 1960 and by 1962, he did scripts, pencils and ink. He continued to work on this strip, telling the urban adventures of Sawyer's sidekick 'Roscoe Sweeney', until 1974. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he illustrated some giveaway comic books for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. (SOURCE: http://lambiek.net/artists/w/wenzel_al.htm)


  1. Ahhh, memories of my misspent youth at the county fair! Well, they weren't that misspent! I did belong to 4-H. You're right though. It does seem to have lost a lot of its charm, but I'm old, too.

    Our county fair as well as the Ohio State Fair starts this week also. We're taking some of the grandkids. They had a "grand" time last year. I even rode the ferris wheel with them!

  2. I now go to the county fair strictly for the garden show. Once I've seen the garden show I'm usually ready to leave. The food is bad. Most of the stuff being sold is bad, but I do enjoy watching the guys selling blenders, choppers, whatever in the home section. They make me laugh...at them. Headsets on, patter with the crowd, if they're lucky to gather a crowd. I usually take photos of them.

    There is a local small fair that I much prefer. No rides except a hay ride. Local food, many from the slow food movement, bee keepers, llamas, goats, crafts, etc. All under old oak trees. Old farm equipment. Live music where you sit on bales of hay. An old time fair.