I remember the Monsanto House of the Future in Disneyland. No doubt about it, it was fun. It was PLASTIC! Everything was plastic. Who knew it was actually a toxic nightmare. Goes to show you how times have changed. Just think of it, even if they crushed this thing, since it's long gone, that plastic is still here. It'll never go away. We're stuck with the remnants of the house of the future for long beyond our future. Now I hate plastic. We're drowning in it.

monsanto house_postcard front_tatteredandlost
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But at the time this place was shiny and clean and it was fun to imagine yourself living in it as you walked from room to room...in a nice orderly fashion. After all, it was Disneyland. It was as if you'd stepped into a Jetson cartoon episode and somehow we were all going to end up working for Spacely Sprockets.

monsanto house of the future_tatteredandlost
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Compared to the ranch house suburbs that blanketed much of the country this was exotic. It was as if we were living with Sputnik as our neighbor. It's now funny to see how it was nicely nestled amongst greenery and a pond. At the time we were all terrified of nuclear destruction at any moment and yet they wanted us to imagine living in a plastic house. Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't that sucker have melted during an attack? Or were we supposed to build a cement bomb shelter below? 

The one thing I remember in this house, that seemed like a dream, was the huge tv hanging on the wall. Just the thought of it was pure fantasy. So okay, that came true. You can now buy a humongous plastic tv and hang it on your wall. A lot of the things in this house came true. Not sure I'm happy about most of it. It's all made with oil and we know how that's a wee bit of a problem.

I guess it was fun being naive, but there's always consequences for naiveté.

Funny how the future of tomorrow became the nightmare of today. Good thing they never got those flying cars off the ground.


  1. Anonymous2/09/2009

    It looks a lot like what became known as Mobile Homes. Compact, efficient and lacking charm.

    Deea Monde

  2. Yup, modular homes of yore. These days the modular homes are quite snazzy and nice. A lot of what you see in this old place did show up in RVs. There's a certain efficiency that translated to motorhomes.